Sunday, January 15, 2017

Flypaper thoughts somewhere in Virginia version

  • Stopped for the night and tomorrow will keep heading south
  • The right direction to go for a Nova Scotian in January
  • Had a magical visit with the son and daughter-in-law in NYC
  • Poignant because this is probably the last one before they move to San Francisco
  • Which will also be good
  • But snow falling as you walk in New York streets, past the doormen
  • Past the older people out and about 
  • Who in any other city would be holed up at home because you need a car 
  • Past small bright bars and dogs in coats
  • Past facades that are just the way they were 50 years ago
  • New York is its own time capsule
  • And for a while it has been mine
  • Now on to the next thing
  • With kids, of any age, it there is always a next thing
  • Even if the last thing is perfect
  • But we all need next things 
  • And some times we even know it
  • Have passed the time on the drive plotting my sewing
  • Tell me
  • What's with all jackets right now being presented as unlined?
  •  As if that was a good thing
  • Truth is linings cover a lot
  • And keep you from feeling you should do fancy seam finishes which take about 47 hours
  • And such a pain to draft your own lining pattern
  • Which just goes to show these patterns are no time savers
  • Do you think if I attempted a knit moto jacket, lengthened I could do it without losing my mind?
  • We will see
  • I have decided it is easier to sew more jackets than it is to lose weight
  • I want some Indie designer to hire me to help with the instructions
  • Just ran across a poor new sewer posting she was having trouble with step 117
  • Listen there is research on this
  • The mind can only hold onto 5, maybe 7 points, max.
  • You need to stop and give headings
  • Things like telling folks what they are actually doing and why they are doing it 
  • And when they are done you write "You have now completed the body of the dress and just need to put in the sleeves"
  • Or words to that effect
  • So they can breath out
  • 117 steps
  • That's just not fair
  • Is there any thing more annoying than that voice on the GPS
  • Unlike perhaps it is your own voice saying that GPS is annoying
  • When you are not the person personally stopping traffic in Manhattan 
  • With a large RV with a car attached behind it
  • Not to worry
  • That nice lady from New Jersey just went around us and drove up on along the sidewalk
  • After she had a talk with us
  • Didn't know you could drive there
  • We don't do that at home
  • Tomorrow we are getting a new GPS that tells you what roads, bridges and tunnels you are allowed to drive an RV on
  • Seems like a good idea
  • Also tomorrow
  • Driving far enough south so the water lines are not at risk of freezing
  • And I get my running water back
  • Also a good idea
  • We wait all year for these trips
  • It's our big excitement
  • Now off the bed with a small mad black dog
  • Real grass tomorrow Daisy
  • Real grass

Monday, January 9, 2017

About to go on the road again

A few pictures for your amusement.

On Wednesday morning we are pulling out for three months in the US mostly the south and Florida. Heard too on Friday that the middle son, who now lives with his wife in New York, has been transferred to San Francisco as part of a promotion.

So this will be the last trip to stay in New York for a while, and I will be adjusting my head to the West Coast. I might be there in early summer this year and definitely our winter trip next year will be towards that destination. This child has always introduced adventure into my life.

In case you are wondering why we go to so much trouble to go south every year, involving often elaborate working remote arrangements, this is the view from my front door right now to the RV, which I have to pack this afternoon:

For me this has become the only real way to travel. Think of it as sort of a mobile sewing room- I am taking a huge machine, a serger and all my tools and ironing equipment. The samples for my book might even get made on picnic tables around the continent. Bet not every author can say that.

I am sad of course to leave family here for a few months, my grandchildren who wink at me, my spectacular daughter and also this guy, my youngest, whose job has always been to keep me up at night.

Here is he last week, 300 feet in the air, on a windmill - he works in training and business development for a company based here. I mean my nerves, he sends me this stuff to freak me out:

So later folks, from the road.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Love hate relationships

I have a question for you.

What do you love to sew and what do you hate to sew?

Even the most obsessive sewers among us have these feelings.

I know I do.

For instance I love to sew knits and outwear. I sew pants because I can, but I hate, hate any kind of home decor sewing. I just lose sight of where the edges are on those massive yardages. Sleeves I can recognize.

I have also decided bra-making leaves me cold.I can buy in 5 minutes something that fits me just fine for the same price it would take me to make one. And those pieces are awfully small and fussy. Case closed.

I think that the www makes the question of what you really love to sew and don't even more pertinent.

It is so easy to see pictures of things other, some seemingly continuously productive, sewers churn out and think, gee I should make that.

I have learned to be alert to the moments when "should" crosses my mind. Life provides me with enough shoulds already.

More and more, and this might in fact be my sewing resolution, I want to sew only the things that I am just dying to make.

No shoulds.

No have tos.

No working my way through a to-do list.

Now over to you, what do you really enjoy sewing and where is your own personal line for feeling you have crossed into sewing drudgery territory?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Neat way to install zippers in bags

I am in no way a quilter. In fact the sister who is staying with me is, beautiful quilts she makes, but the one time we tried to collaborate on a quilt for our parents she sent my half of the blocks back as rejects.

Enough said.

I am the garment sewer, right?

That said I love new techniques and enjoyed this tutorial on putting in zippers in little pouches, of the sort an organized gift giver and probably with quilter's mindset would have on hand.

Pretty nifty.

The addition of the tabs on the ends eliminates messy zipper ends. Interesting.

Monday, January 2, 2017


She's fine.

But I think Miss Heidi is going to be my inspiration for 2017.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Flypaper thoughts day before New Year's Eve edition

  • I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas
  • Know that not all are spectacular and that not all folks like the holidays
  • But I do, assembling as much of the family as we can and making the dishes we always make marks the years for me
  • With the poignancy that brings
  • High point was seeing Miss Heidi fast asleep in a fluffy eyeshade
  • I will remember that
  • I will forget the part where the new dog decided to mark the corners of an unfamiliar room by lifting his leg
  • Back to high points
  • My formerly cynical youngest son had decorated lit candles around the place and a fridge full of drinks when we arrived
  • Candles
  • My son
  • My husband had an idea of filming us all inside the house with a drone
  • We put a stop to that plan
  • Note to new couples
  • Pay close attention to your first Christmas menus
  • Once the kids get used to it you are making the same thing year after year
  • I made mistake with a little number called Potatoes Romanoff
  • Sour cream, potatoes, cheese casserole etc.
  • Fine dining for sure
  • Everyone still wants it but modern eaters just pick at it
  • Heaven forbid that it isn't on the table though
  • Now onto New Year's
  • Sister and brother-in-law here for the week
  • Dinner and a movie
  • Men want documentaries
  • Not often I am speechless
  • Thinking about sewn items I wore most this year
  • Turns out my own eyeshade
  • Highly recommend for deep sleeping
  • Heidi gets this
  • Also a frumpy polar fleece sweater thing with good pockets
  • Wore it about 10,000 times more often than my careful blazer
  • Note to self
  • Remember you have an ordinary life
  • Had the neighbours in
  • Man across the street won the lotto and quit work years ago
  • Full time job now is monitoring the street
  • Most informative guest
  • Picks things up when he dog sits and snow shovels
  • Takes out my garbage when my husband travels
  • Won the lotto and takes out my garbage
  • Not the only one around here who feels the pull of the ordinary life I guess
  • Good neighbours are good things
  • Did some baking before my company arrived
  • Then ate it all before they did
  • This is actually true
  • No shortage of new year's resolutions to make around here

Saturday, December 24, 2016

2016 pick for best sewer's gift

Browsing an accessory catalogue this morning because I have wrapping to do, major cooking, and the house looks like someone has done nothing but sew and take care of small children in it for two weeks, and I spotted this:

I mean really how cool.

Now off to larger tasks. We are loading up the RV and all going out to my youngest son's tomorrow for dinner and a sleep over, assuming those kids actually will sleep. Bonfire on the beach planned.

Have a very Merry Christmas!